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Gecko Guitars exclusively sells a select range of bass and electric guitars by guitar-maker Frank Dainovskas. Frank has been designing and making instruments for over 20 years.

Frank Dainovskas in his workshop

Born and raised in Brazil where music is a way of life, his passion for music began at an early age and continues today.

From playing the double bass, which he ferried to gigs in Brazil via his trusty old Volkswagen Beetle, Frank progressed to using and testing his own guitars and basses in bands and groups to assess their quality and performance.

Now hand-crafted in Queensland, Frank's basses and guitars are available to all musicians seeking perfection in their instrument. The quality and craftsmanship are second to none. Frank sources fine Australian timbers for their highly figured appearance, durability and to obtain the definition and substance of sound so necessary in quality musical instruments.

His large, fully equipped workshop and studio are situated on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, the perfect climate for working in wood and perfecting fine finishes.

Contact our maker direct to discuss your requirements.

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"Every one of our instruments is fully hand-crafted by Frank Dainovskas and comes with our sterling silver gecko, each one different to the next".

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