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Can you build my design?

Our basses and guitars have been developed over many years to achieve stunning balance between body and neck to ensure perfect comfort for a live gig, studio session, or just jamming.

Can you customise the electronics?

All our electronics are Gecko custom.

I want to build my own guitar. Can you help me with that?

Unfortunately no. Today with web access, it would be easy for you to find sites with excellent tips to assist you.

Is Gecko Guitars employing?

Gecko Guitars is fully staffed at the moment.

Which pickup should I use for my bass?

The best way to answer this questions is to enquire which kind of music you play. After we know that, we can customise your instrument to suit.

Why 4, 5 and 6 strings?

With today's demand on the music scene, the bass player has become the front man and the most important member of the band. Therefore he needs to have more versatility and variety of sound at his fingertips ...


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